• Troubleshoot for a maximum of 30 minutes, and then contact Dautel
  • If the time required for your service exceeds our alotted times, (see a valid service time sheet) contact our service department immediately
  • Hydraulic fluid is guaranteed to the current Dautel price (net)
  • In the event of major deviations from the listed repair times or in the case of extensive repairs (> 3 hours), approval must be obtained in written form from Dautel before the work is carried out
  •  The maintenance and repair warranty usually covers all neccessary work and replacement parts required for the service of the Dautel product listed in the warranty, ie UVV test, Oil change, etc.

Not Covered under Warranty: 

  • Repairs caused by violence,  incorrect assembly, consequential damage caused by failure to administer UVV tests, non - compliance with the maintenance and operating instructions, warning flags, exceeeding the max. load capacity and the listed load distances,  improper use, and collison damage 
  • Warning flags and noise deadening platform coverings

The costs of repair in these instances are the responsibility of the operator and/or the party responible for the damage.

  • All replaced parts are to be returned to us within the contract period during the first two years. After this time, please return all replaced parts to us with a list price of >50 Euro. Make sure to contact Dautel before sending
  • The return of replacement parts should be carried out using the most inexpensive means possible (postal/package service).  Pickup can be organised per request
  • Please use the warranty application forms provided by us for all returns (hard copy or electronic copy on our homepage) An accurate description of both the damage and the repair is absoloutely neccessary.  If an appropriate descripton is not possible,  the Dautel hotline must be contacted and photo evidence must be submitted before any repair work begins.
  • Dautel compensates labor costs at the current valid Dautel warranty hourly rate
  • Replacements for damaged and otherwise inoperable parts must be ordered from Dautel directly.  The parts are invoiced by Dautel at the the gross price minus the discount. Normal spare parts are only remunerated by dautel at our net sales price
  • Parts being sent back to Dautel need to be properly marked. 
  • Costs for repairs from other firms will only be overtaken by Dautel if the work was absouloutely neccessary (vehicle no longer operational)
  • Forklifts and other heavy industrial equipment is generally not permitted to be driven onto the lifter platform and can void your warranty 
  • Proper maintenance and UVV tests need to be carried out annually, documented in the test book and be provable upon request 
  • The warranty covers a maximum of a 2 shift workday. 
  • Dautel strongly recommends stocking the replacement parts listed in the Dautel Mini spare parts proposal in order to save on shipping costs and reduce vehicle downtimes
  • Dautel delivers spare parts shipments covered by the warranty free of charge.  Dautel does not take on charges for express shipments or for parts listed in the mini spare parts proposal