The new tail lift DLB 500/750-47 was developed for highest needs of European logistic experts and especially for box trucks - low-weight; robust technology; function-reliable. It combines new developments on a robust 4 cylinder basis with proven components to a price-performance ratio, which can not be outdone currently.

This is what makes transport of heavy things especially easy:

  • DLB 500-47, capacity 500 kg, DLB 750-47 capacity 750 kg, centre of load 600 mm from the end of the body, in the middle of the platform.
  • 2 lifting and 2 tilting cylinders each with piston-rod protection, platform opens hydraulically.
  • Double safety control with 2 electric circuits, External control with waterproof toggle switch and the foot control which is overridable under load.
  • Low-noise, maintenance-friendly drive 12 Volt 0,8 kW or 24 Volt 1,2 kW with thermo protection switch.
  • Automatic hydraulic down-tilting of the platform on the ground.
  • Free-bearings.
  • Low maintenance cost and reliable customer service.

The result is a first class tail lift, made for hightest security, built for reliable non-stop by our professional customers.


Zinc coated lifting gear for installation between the truck chassis. Mainly for vans from 3,5 t to 5,2 t. Max. plattform width 2300 mm.


Lifting gear KTL-coated simlar to RAL 9005. For installation outside of the truck chassis. Mainly for vans from 3,5 t to 10 t. Max. plattform width 2520 mm.


Conical aluminium platform type C, standing profiles,big surface for advertising. Bolt-on and KTL-coated connection heads made of steel mit, height 1450 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm depends on version. Optional: roll stop type V1, 720 mm wide, for wheel diameter max. 120 mm. Aluminium platform "plane" edition.  Platform consisting of in driving direction transversally relocated profiles with excellent slip inhibiting longitudinal grooves. Including 2 short bolt-on frame longitudinal members made of steel, galvanised. Height 1445 mm, 1570 mm and 1695 mm depends on version. Optional: roll stop type A2, for wheel diameter max. 200 mm.


Mounting is especially easy and fast because of the ready-for-mounting and bolting version. Max. loading height 1240 mm.