Dautel GMBH is a family owned company, which produces lifters and dump beds for commercial vehicles and accessories for municipal vehicles.
We engineer, sell, and produce our products ourselves. Our products are always of the highest quality, and are designed for professional use that lasts the vehicle's lifetime and maintains low operating costs. Our customers continue to do business with us over the decades, because our products consistently and reliably get the job done and our service supports them competently.

We sell our tailgate lift systems worldwide. Even the most diverse and complicated challenges set upon us by the logistics industry as well as the vehicle and aftermarket parts manufacturers are solved through our German know-how. In terms of design, we pride ourselves in putting reliability above the pursuit of supposed innovation or cutting costs. We buy our parts internationally with the highest standards of quality and every tailgate lift system is subjected to same strict quality assurance tests in our home plant in Leingarten.

We assemble our three sided tippers for both light and heavy trucks. There are always versatile tippers carrying bulk or various cargo for construction companies, as well as transport firms and landscapers  . For the heavy vehicles, we concentrate on a healthy mix of our well-established modular designs as well as customer and individual vehicular specific constraints. With our technical know-how we find the solution, e.g. achieving the highest payload while remaining robust and reliable.

With municipal vehicles, our change system enables the use of a single truck chassis to do many jobs with different accessories. The multi-axled commercial vehicle becomes a universal power tool. We construct a finely-tuned system out of a single chassis and many interchangeable parts, and are able to pruduce this entire demanding vehicle construction under one roof.

The outstanding ergonomics and reliability of our products comes from 90 years of experience. Our concepts enable the fleet to be used universally and therefore ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility in transport.

We work closely with vehicle and vehicle accessory manufacturers and therefore have an excellent reputation. We know the different chassis well and therefore produce our products much more reliably. The vehicle manufacturers appreciate our expertise in all areas of our work - even in product development.

Our employees are experienced and well trained, which is noticeable in our products. We maintain a partnership based approach and see our company as a place for mutual growth and personal development. The employees are included in our decisons and therefore take great responsibility in their tasks. Investing in young people is our solution for the future and for the region.

To protect the environment, we pay close attention to all legislation, work to have knowledge of all the requirements and do our very best to adhere to them .

This is what we stand for!


Rutger Dautel and Klaus Schönberger
Managing Directors, Dautel GMBH