Change System


Change by the minute

Within just a few minutes, the truck is ready for use as a three-way dumper, concrete mixer, trailer frame, multibucket truck or another interchangeable body.

One truck - different bodies

  • increases the capacity utilization and avoids expensive immobilization time
  • extends the flexibility of the fleet
  • covers changing needs at peak times
  • offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


The change system has a patented, positively controlled Dautel automatic locking mechanism for automatic locking and unlocking the standard interchangeable bodies with additional TDC lock. A monitoring unit in the cab indicates the locking state. Manual locking in narrow spaces or in the case of dirty vehicles is eliminated.


The low-voltage elements fitted to the side of the truck have diaphragm springs and bearing rollers for low-noise and postive-engaged connection to the counterpiece fitted on the auxiliary frame. The counterpieces are mounted on the auxiliary frame; a reinforced or additional frame is not required.


The simple control system with hydraulic positive control of the swap system prevents operating errors. The four lifting cylinders lift the body safely and evenly. Safety elements and instruction assistance make it easier to change in the case of inexact approaches.


When the interchangeable body is raised, the angle supports are inserted in the tubes. After lowering the lifting cylinders, the interchangeable body is on supports; the truck is ready to take another body.

Interchangeable bodies

Your requirement and your types of application determine the interchangeable bodies, e.g. three-way dumper, concrete mixer, trailer frame, deposit and roll-off trucks, rear dumpers, loading crane dumpers, tank bodies and in the field of municipal services salt-spreading units, lifting work platforms and special-purpose bodies. The camshaft drive on a concrete mixer is quickly and easy to separate with a few hand movements due to a special jointed shaft coupling that can be shifted in a longitudinal direction.

Experience and innovation

More than 30 years of experience, European patents and technical inspection certificates for the change system and the trailer change frame with a dynamic durability test speak for the innovative, proven technology of the Dautel quick-change system.

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